Why Healthbot?

"Having Healthbot Kiosks in our facilities is absolutely necessary to meet our wellness goals. The kiosks are daily reminders for our employees to monitor and track their own health. We continue to incentivize our employees and reward them using the Healthbot provided data. The data gives us real numbers to show a return on our investment and efforts."

- Mindy Wilson - Corporate Benefits Coordinator of Veka Corporation

Healthbot is an Integral Part of Any Employee Wellness Initiative

Wellness Loop

Healthbot Offers 24/7 Self-measurement of key biometrics. 

Self Use increases employee participation and allows wellness staff time to focus on education.

Employees log in to their pre-created accounts to save and monitor their own results. Historical data is available for an employee at any point at the kiosk or on healtbot.com

With Healthbot-derived data, employees are incentivized to continue to measure and monitor key biometrics. 

Healthbot increases the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.